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HomeoLIFE is one of the leading chains of Homeopathy Clinics and also has established its online services in India. It consists of skilled and experienced Homeopathic doctors led by Dr.T.Kiran Kumar. With a high success rate in curing any kind of disease through their effective homeopathic treatment, HomeoLIFE Homeopathy is on an exponential ascent to be recognized as the one of the best Homeopathic Chains. It has expanded its growth quickly by establishing its branches in as many as 17+ centres across South India. The services provided by us are of high quality, cost effective and largely efficient.

We have been providing the services as the per the ISO standards in healthcare services, which has made our system much more quality conscious than most others in the world, in the homeopathic practice category.

HomeoLIFE Homeopathy has been actively involved in promoting homeopathy all over the world. People from across the country have been approaching for the treatment and getting cured. Positive Homeopathy is also on the verge of spreading its wings into International Patient service.

Transparency in business and abiding by their fundamental principles has brought HomeoLIFE Homeopathy a long way in developing and maintaining excellent relations with customers. The commitment and dedication in providing customers with the best service helped HomeoLIFE Homeopathy to grow faster with expansion of almost 17+ centers across Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad & Karnataka

Dr. Kiran Kumar

Dr.Kiran Kumar
Dr. Kiran Kumar is a self motivated, strong willed, kind-hearted and ambitious person with a positive attitude whose pioneering efforts have contributed to a healthy society. He graduated from the Gulbarga University two decades ago.

His aim is to spread and dedicate homeopathy which is the best and affordable treatment even to the economically backward. The advent of the new age medicine coincided with the rapid strides our country has been making in science and technology, all the while ignoring the best method of constitutional therapy.

Viewing evolutionary scenario in the medical field, which is a mirage to the common man. Thereafter, Dr. Kiran embarked upon a remarkable journey as a homeopath to start a medical domain wherein the institution can contribute maximum the society.