Homeopathy Treatment for Dysmenorrhoea/Painful menses

Dysmenorrhoeapainful Menses
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Dysmenorrhoea/Painful menses Treatment

Dysmenorrhoea commonly called painful menses, painful periods or menstrual cramps is pain during menstruation. There is pain in the lower abdomen sometimes spreading to lower back and upper thighs. These can start right before or during a woman’s period.

Other symptoms include


 Nausea or vomiting



 Headache or migraine


 Mood swings or irritability

 Heavy periods

 Irregular periods

 Bleeding between periods

 Vaginal discharge

Numerous homeopathic remedies can help control pain and even prevent menstrual cramps. Some act locally ease cramps only. While other constitutional remedies target the root cause of dysmenorrhoa. These medicines provide comprehensive treatment by eliminating menstrual cramps and restoring the whole body balance.