Homeopathy Treatment for Female Pattern Baldness

Female Pattern Baldness Treatment
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Female Pattern Baldness Treatment

Female pattern baldness is also called androgenenic alopecia. It is hair loss from the scalp causing baldness. While the pattern of hair loss for men and women differ both, have a common genetic cause. It is less severe in females than in males. Female pattern baldness occurs on the top and the crown of the head widening of the center hair part leaving the front hairline unaffected.


Wigs can cover hair loss. Topical and oral medications may prevent further hair loss. Hair transplants can be done to reduce the area of bald skin. But, all of these are either cosmetic or come with harmful side effects. On the other hand, homeopathy for female pattern baldness can efficiently deal with hair loss and produce commendable results. Homeopathy has numerous remedies in its cornucopia to tackle hair loss causes which are natural and safe.