Homeopathy Treatment for Menopausal Complaints Treatment

Menopausal Complaints
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Menopausal Treatment

Menopause is a condition where the body’s hormone balance changes. The ovaries produce less sexual hormone due to ageing and related hormonal fluctuations. Menopause is therefore a physiological transition and not an illness. However the manner in which the women experience the symptoms and menopausal complaints varies a lot. This diminishing hormone production doesn’t seem to affect one third of the women. Whereas another one third has average menopausal symptoms and the remaining one third suffer severe complaints.


 Hot flashes or night time sweating


 Low energy & libido

 Mood swings or irritability

 Vaginal dryness

 Weak bladder

 Pain during sex

Homeopathy is a popular holistic system of medicine where the remedy is picked based on individualization and symptom similarity. This is how homeopathic remedies can effectively remove all the frustrating symptoms and improve the quality of life of the patient.