Our Ideology-To Relive sufferings

About Dr.Kiran Kumar

Dr. Kiran Kumar, Chairman and Managing Director of Dr. Kiran’s HOMEO LIFE strongly believes in Genetic Constitutional Homeopathy and advocates the same. Dr.Kiran Kumar has a team of highly talented Homeopathic Doctors who are well trained by him personally and exemplified to take care of the need of patients for all their ailments as per homeopathic philosophy.  Dr.Kiran Kumar has developed the term ‘pathological prescription’, which refers that a medical diagnosis of the case is made and is supported by the required investigations and then treated according to the diagnosis. This thoughtful approach has saved the patients and doctors from loosing time.

  • check-mark-1Dr. Kiran Kumar believes in patient engagement policy to be the first and foremost priority. Owing to this he makes it easy for our patients to connect with us 24/7.
  • check-mark-1Dr.Kiran Kumar started following the teachings of Dr.Hahnemann to the core and has dedicated his life to serve those who needed the best medical care and attention.
  • check-mark-1We at HOMEO LIFE, under the guidance of Dr.Kiran Kumar, extend special services to every patient once they register with us. We wish to become their family physician and take care of their medical problem, however small or serious.


To ensure accessible and affordable Quality Homeo Health Care by Compassionate medical Professionalism to all. To Cultivate an Environment of Trust, Honesty, Mutual Respect,Equality, and Ethics


To Evolve as a benchmark in quality Homeopathy Health Care available to one and all.

  • Our way of performing is very simplified for the patients in making them understand the scope and importance of homeopathy in the treatment of common to rare diseases.
  • We have successfully highlighted the very prominent action of homeopathic medicines in the treatment of acute as well as chronic diseases, in the management of kidney failures,heart failures, strokes,cerebral palsy,autism, etc.
  • We enlightened the role homeopathy played remarkably in the control and spread of epidemics and pandemics such as Chikungunya, Swine flu,Japanese encephalitis among others.
  • We take extra care in kids and teenagers suffering from children and pediatric diseases, women during pregnancy and menopause, and elderly people suffering from geriatric diseases.
  • The attention to detail and interaction with the patients reflects our 20 years of experience.We provide proper guidance on the kind of medical help any patient requires. We adopt the policy of imparting Continuing Medical Education(CME’s) to our doctors and staff to bring awareness about the latest developments in medical care and research.
  • We care about women’s health and nutrition.Every Clinic of ours has dedicated female doctors on a regular basis to minimize the extra burden women carry in taking care of their health and their families.

More About Our Vision…

  • It is a bitter fact that there are multiple chronic diseases that do not find a cure in conventional medicine and with modern medical facilities
  • The cumulative effect of not finding treatment for their sickness and burden on their income had led to a huge population in cities and villages to live their life in distress.
  • Piling these problems causes major drawbacks to the economy of any state or country as the productivity of the manpower is lessened due to absenteeism,less efficiency, etc
  • Dr.Kiran’s HomeoLife rightly understands the need of the patients, their revival of health, and extending the benefits of homeopathy to their family and friends. It is a huge responsibility undertaken by Dr.Kiran’s HomeoLife in bringing forth homeopathy as one of the best systems of medical systems.
  • We have established more than 25 clinics with an experienced and dedicated team of more than 100 doctors. Parallelly, we also have our web presence and we are able to provide quick treatment to a number of patients through online consultation and treatment.
  • We aim to be a trustworthy and reliable clinic for all our patients at times of emergency and acute conditions.Our most striking feature is the ability to be agile in welcoming any healthcare challenge to bring about a remarkable improvement in the health status of every patient who visit us.
  • We have raised the quality of homeopathic treatment by following the standards of different homeopathic pharmacopeia.We store and dispense the best quality German and Swiss manufactured homeopathic medicines to our patients as a standard procedure.
  • We reassure every patient that our dedication to providing quality healthcare shall get better with every follow-up visit to our clinic.

Our Advantages

  • check-mark-1Highest Success Rate
  • check-mark-1Affordable
  • check-mark-11000’s of Test Case
  • check-mark-125+ PG Doctors
  • check-mark-1PAN South India Presence
  • check-mark-1100+ Doctors
  • check-mark-1Dedicated Service
  • check-mark-1Online Support and Care
  • check-mark-1Home Delivery
  • check-mark-1SMS and What’s App Support
  • check-mark-1Best Immunity Clinics
  • check-mark-1Safety Precautions
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Our Core Values

Our Office

Dr.Kiran’s Homeo Life head office is located at prime IT Hub in Gachibowli,Hyderabad.This faculty is equipped with newest technology,capable of handling all the branches across PAN India.Training and Monitoring is a part of HO Day-in and Day-out activities.It’s a state of art facility with 90 employees working on Back End to support each and every patient.


  • check-mark-1Hotline Support
  • check-mark-1Central Monitoring
  • check-mark-1Case Monitoring
  • check-mark-124/7 365 Days