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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Homeopathy and how does it come into existence?

    Homeopathy is a medical science founded by Dr.Samuel  Hahnemann based on nature’s law, Similia Similibus Curentur, implying “let like be cured by like.” The medicines are prepared by a process called Potentisation based on the Theory of drug dynamization. The medicines are then proven on healthy human beings, the details of which are recorded in drug pharmacopeia. Finally, the registered homeopathic physicians select the medicines matching the medicinal symptoms to the symptoms in the patient. The homeopathic medicines are non-toxic,non-addictive, and do not cause any side-effects.

    Is Homeopathy Safe to All Ages?

    The Potentisation of homeopathic medicines during its preparation based on Drug dynamization removes crude and toxic content elevating the dymacity of the medicinal properties. These medicines are then proven on human beings rather than lab testing, animal proving, etc. Hence, the medicinal action is thoroughly recorded after careful observation that homeopathic medicines are safe to use in all age groups, children, adults, old-age people, and pregnant women.

    How do Homeopathy medicines work?

    Homeopathic medicines are prepared and proven by following nature’s laws of Drug dynamization and Potentisation. The proven homeopathic medicines have dynamic properties obtained during Potentisation by removing crude and toxic content and properties respectively of the drug substance. The selected homeopathic medicines for any disease stimulate the body’s defense mechanism called vital force, strengthening the immune system to bring about equilibrium called homeostasis. This is known by the normalization in appetite,thirst, bowel movements, urine, sleep, and ability to withstand external inimical forces. Finally, the process of restoring health to normal happens with the removal of disease symptoms.

    Does Homeopathy Have any Side Effects?

    Homeopathy does not cause any side-effects. The homeopathic medicines during their preparation called Potentisation are made free from crude and toxic drug substances and then they are proven on healthy human beings to observe the drug activity to be considered a medicine. Homeopathy believes in the philosophy of gentle treatment to be achieved by selecting medicines in a patient by matching the disease symptoms with medicinal symptoms. It is noted to be that homeopathic medicines are to be taken under medical supervision only to be from adverse effects.

    How to understand the Homeopathy Result on Chronic Diseases?

    Homeopathy has become famous owing to the great success it achieved in the treatment of chronic diseases, primarily due to the non-availability of cure in other medical systems. Individualization, today is known as customized, is one of the main focus of prescription in homeopathy and medicine selected thus helps to restore the whole individual’s(patient) health. In chronic diseases, nature’s law Law of Cure, popularly called Hering’s Law in Homeopathy, is followed. According to Hering’s Law, the disease of the journey should be reversed in the process of cure and it is analyzed through the complete history of the patient and embryological developmental stages.

    What does Dr. Kiran's HomeLife specialize in?

    Dr. Kiran’s HomeoLife specializes in the Homeopathic science of medicine. It has 27 clinics in South India and also has a tremendous presence on web through online consultation and treatment.With the help of Homeopathy and its registered homeopathic doctors, Dr. Kiran’s HomeoLife has treatment for all kinds of\ diseases and ailments. Dr. Kiran’s HomeoLife has experienced doctors in all systems of medicine and we attend patients in thousands regularly bringing great satisfaction in them with successful results.

    Is Dr. Kiran's HomeoLife and Positive Homeopathy are the same?

    Yes, Dr. Kiran’s HomeoLife and positive Homeopathy are the same. They are the units under Positive Life Sciences Private Limited. Whereas Dr.Kiran’s HomeoLife Clinics are established in the state of Telangana, Positive Homeopathy has its presence in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Both the brands are successfully managed under the Chairmanship of Dr. Kiran Kumar Thondapu.

    Does Homeopathy also have Surgery?

    One of the primary reasons for Homeopathy discovery by Dr.Samuel Hahnemann was the existing torturesome treatment during those days in the 18th century.The treatment procedures included bloodletting, leaching, cutting, burning, etc.Dr.Hahnemann had a compassionate and empathetic heart.