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    Various forms of sexual dysfunction are a major motivating factor for men seeking care at men’s health clinics.Among them, Erectile dysfunction stands out along with Premature Ejaculation.

    Sexual disorders have been classified into four categories.

    • Hypoactive sexual desire disorder
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Ejaculatory and orgasmic disorders
    • Disorders of pain

    There is a wide range of disappointment in men when it comes to sexual disorders not being treated in a very quick manner. There are a number of factors involved in dysfunctionality at sexual level in men . Most importantly, the etiologic factors, diagnostic tests and therapeutic strategies vary for each class of sexual disorder. Therefore, the approach to every case of sexual disorder in men is a tedious and patience-warranted work on physician’s part and also on patient’s part.

    The solution for ED is understood by the majority of men by over-the-counter availability of easy to use medicines (phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors). But, diagnosing and treating a case of Erectile dysfunction requires careful history taking and consideration of any other present complaints such as lower urinary tract symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction.

    On the other hand, ED is not considered a normal part of the aging process. It is not associated with decreasing levels of testosterone in older men. Nonetheless, it is associated with certain physiologic and psychological changes related to age.

    Incidence is highest among men in the age group 50-59(21%) and men who were poor(14%), divorced(14%) and less educated(13%).

    The incidence of ED is also higher among men with certain medical disorders such as diabetes mellitus, lower urinary tract symptoms secondary to benign prostatic hyperplasia(BPH), heart disease, hypertension, decreases high-density lipoprotein(HDL)levels and diseases associated with general systemic inflammation(RA).

    Cardiovascular disease and ED share etiologies as well as pathophysiology(endothelial function) and the degree of ED appears to correlate with the severity of cardiovascular disease.

    Consequently, ED represents a sentinel symptom in patients with occult cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease.

    Smoking is also a significant risk factor in the development of ED.

    Certain medications used in treating diabetes or cardiovascular diseases are additional risk factors.

    • The incidence of Erectile Dysfunction is high
    • SHIM(Sexual Health Inventory for Men)

    Psychological causes : Stress either at home, Work or Social Causes.

    Physical Causes : Anxiety disorders, Panic disorders, Depression .

    Vascular : Cardiac problems which cause failure to pump blood  and blocked arteries or leaking veins problems

    Neurological : Depression, Paralysis of a single part or more, Alzheimer’s  Disease.

    Endocrinological : Diabetes which causes microvascular damage to the blood vessels and deficient nutrition to nerves that control blood flow to the penis.

    Hormonal problems of pituitary gland and testes.

    Operative : History of surgeries done on urinary bladder or prostate & Spinal cord injuries

    Lifestyle Activities: Smoking, Alcohol ,Lack of Exercise ,Obesity.

    Medicines and Drugs : Erectile dysfunction could be a side-effect of certain medicines used for depression, allergy, blood pressure.

    Is Erectile Dysfunction treatable ?

    Men seek treatment for Erectile Dysfunction yet they are apprehensive about the treatment and pose similar questions to the Doctors on every visit. But yes, Erectile Dysfunction is treatable through Homeopathy. The hindrance in seeking the treatment and the expression of their sexual disorders delay in finding the suitable medication required.

    Erectile dysfunction is very common and there is nothing to worry about and such men should see a Doctor for it.

    Erectile Dysfunction also loosely referred by some as Impotence is the failure to get or keep an erection and reduced desire for sex.

    • lose weight if you’re overweight
    • stop smoking
    • eat a healthy diet
    • exercise daily
    • try to reduce stress and anxiety

    Why one can go for Homeopathy Treatment?

    At Dr.Kiran’s HomeoLife, a supportive atmosphere for the males, develops to speak on their sexual health problems. The need for counselling is elicited. Lifestyle modifications and stresses are identified to be concentrated upon for the betterment of sexual health with the option of same Gender Doctor Selection and supports the Convenience as per the Patient Opinion.

    Locate Dr. Kiran’s Homeo Life Clinics / Doctors for HYPOACTIVE SEXUAL DESIRE DISORDER Treatment.
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